Can’t Miss Events When Visiting Copenhagen

No matter how much time you spend on line researching that next summer holiday trip, there are always a few things you will find you missed. If you are lucky it won’t be something disastrous such as not noticing your favorite bed and breakfast is closed for the month. But it might be something small that changes the quality of your time, such as leaving out a very cool looking food tour in Copenhagen when visiting that city.

Lucky for you, we have sussed out some great events both big and small that you will want to plan on when you visit Copenhagen. Let’s face it, the chances of you and your family making it out to this beautiful city again any time soon are fairly small unless you live in Denmark. For those of us who have to cross oceans to see Copenhagen, finding the best events in the city is a big part of the experience. Here are a few you will want to be sure and hit while you are there.

Running Through Copenhagen

If you or your family love to participate in marathon runs, then Copenhagen is a great city for you this summer. There are two events in particular that are well worth checking out. The first one, that takes place in August is the Viking Family run. This is more of an endurance test then a run, and whole families work together to compete against other families. There are two obstacle runs, one is 3K and the other is 5K, both are a whole lot of fun.

If traditional marathons are more your thing, then Copenhagen has some great ones to compete in as well. They have a great Ironman Triathlon in August as well as a half marathon run later on in September. Both runs are well attended, part of an international circuit and have the usual t-shirts and water support.

Music Festivals

If music is more your bag, then you can be sure you will find one that suits your taste in Copenhagen. If you are planning to be there in July you will find a huge Jazz Music Festival. The fest runs for ten days and you can enjoy just about any type of jazz. Many of the performances are free but even ticketed events are reasonable and well worth making plans to see.

If rock is more your thing, be sure to check out Fredagsrock, a fabulous rock festival held from April until September at Tivoli Gardens. The concerts attract some of the biggest names in rock music, with performances in past years from The Beach Boys, Lil Wayne and 5 Seconds of Summer among others. The performances are free with your ticket to Tivoli Gardens and runs all summer long.

Royals Watching

You can always catch the Changing of the Guard at the royal palace if you don’t feel like a run through the city or a music festival. Amalienborg Palace is in the middle of town and you can catch this colorful event just about every day. The guards march from their barracks through the city to their station at the palace, and are a sight to behold in their old fashion uniforms.