Discover More Than Just Seafood With Aquanas

If you are looking for seafood distributors Melbourne, you can thank us! Your search ends here! Aquanas is one of the leading seafood distributors in Melbourne. We have been catering to the hospitality industry in Melbourne since a very long time. We are experts in providing the best quality of fish, seafood and other culinary delights to our customers by maintaining a fine balance between the price and ingredients. However, we don’t offer just seafood. There is more to our tasty story.

Read this post to know about the different services that are provided by Aquanas, the leading seafood distributor Melbourne.

Services from Aquanas

Aquanas is committed towards looking into their customer’s delight by providing the best of food and other services. Know about other services from us that can bring a smile on your face. You can make the most of these services, if you really want to make the most of your cooking skills and be the next big name in the hospitality industry.

  • Best quality seafood

We are committed towards delivering the highest quality seafood, fish and other recipes to the finest eateries and venues in Melbourne. Our range of seafood is quite vast and includes baked goods, frozen seafood, fresh fish and seafood, dry foods and finger items. We deliver in the Melbourne CBD and in other metropolitan areas.

  • Distributors of seafood

We are the tried and trusted seafooddistributors Melbourne. We have an efficient ordering system with a modern app. Our excellent staff ensures that your orders are processed with proper speed. Our delivery network makes sure that your goods are delivered in a temperature-regulated transport, right at your door! Once you place your order, you don’t have to worry anymore! Your fresh product will be delivered at your doorstep!

  • Training and seminar conductors

Aquanas conducts several training and professional seminars for various chefs who are passionate about honing their skills. Our expert chefs share their knowledge about food and cooking in these seminars and training sessions. They also cover the full-step process of cooking that includes preparing the food, presenting, handling and how to store the food. This is a very important and effective service that can help people achieve their dream of learning more about cooking perfectly!

  • Food cost program

We work in close association with our chefs to make sure that their menus are full of good quality ingredients and also, in their budget. We inform them about our range of goods and products and their prices. We assist the chefs to minimise their wastes, costs and use their time effectively while crafting their menus.

Aquanas, is hence, more than just the leading seafood distributors Melbourne. Our services extend beyond the customers’ expectations and imagination. We provide quality food and services. If you wish to order something from us or would like to know more about us, please contact us!