High end party food for high end events

I’m afraid a sausage roll or meatball isn’t going to cut it here. When hosting a high end event the food must reflect the tone of the occasion. A good rule of thumb is that if the dress-code is formal, so should the food be too.

If you are having a sit down breakfast, dinner or lunch, catering will handle this! However, nibbles should be fancy. At an event where networking and mingling is encouraged a finger food buffet is a great way to impress guests. Whether you create a large self-service table covered with food, or have waiters come by with multiple tasters, it all needs to match the tone of the event.

Cocktail parties are an example of where there may not be a sit down dinner but rather a networking opportunity that does not restrict you to one table. Instead, treats and eats are laid on tables and make the rounds via waiting staff.

Tips for foods at a high end events

  • Messy should be avoided. Rather don’t serve sticky chicken wings when people are dressed in suits and evening gowns. The food should not sully the hands of the guests. If it is a product like this it can be served on skewers or small forks.
  • It should be one to two bites, maximum. No one likes wrestling with an hors d’oeuvre in front of colleges.
  • It needs interesting texture contrasts, bright colours and delicious flavours.
  • The finger food should be exactly that- able to be held with one hand so you can comfortably eat while holding a glass of champagne in the other.
  • People are usually hungrier than you expect. Make sure you have enough to feed the crowd.
  • The hors d’oeuvre will become part of the party décor. The better they look the better the décor. Make sure platters are freshly filled without being over-crowded.
  • Present a variety of delicious options to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions. Including vegetarian, pescetarian and even vegan options will keep all guests happy with eats and treats available.

With some basics and delicious ideas your event should go off without a hitch. Full bellies and happy guests with treats and eats o’ plenty!