How to Choose an Ideally Sized Rice Cooker for Your Family?

A rice cooker, which was primarily designed for cooking rice, has evolved with time as a multi-functional appliance. Having it in your kitchen is nothing less than a blessing especially for those who are too busy and need a helping hand in kitchen tasks. Cooking in it is effortless and efficient as it is smart enough to keep a tab on whether the food in it is cooked or not and can keep it warm for hours without burning.

It comes in various sizes and it’s important to choose the one that is ideal for your family. Let us see what size will be ideal for your family.

3L for Nuclear Family

For a small family, a 3L rice cooker should be an ideal choice. You don’t really need a big cooker if your family comprises of husband-wife and one or two little kids. This 3L rice cooker from Kent that is equipped with advanced induction heating function feature is an appropriate choice for you. This feature can be used for adjusting the temperature and you can cook varieties of rice as well as steam vegetables or make soup or dalia in it. Its one-touch operations are very easy to operate and this model is very economical.

5L for Bigger Family

A bigger family with grown-up kids or if parents are staying along requires a 5L electric rice cooker. Having this cooker in your kitchen will free you from the worry of cooking and serving warm rice to everyone. This is because this rice cooker will work as your assistant in the kitchen and once you assign it the task it will take the responsibility of cooking and providing warm food with the help of its ‘keep warm’ function to all family members. Thus, you are saved from the hassle of reheating the food even if all the members of the family do not eat at the same time owing to their different daily schedules.

Kent Electric Rice Cooker SS is an ideal choice for bigger families. It comes with the most advanced heating operations and a non-stick ceramic coating. The induction heating technology that Kent uses in its products ensures that the appliance responds perfectly to the temperature change resulting in effective and efficient cooking and that too in very less time. Again, the automatic ‘Keep Warm’ function is always a life saviour as it saves you from the hassle of reheating.

Personal Rice Cooker for Bachelors

What if you are living alone or travel a lot? In that case, a 3L cooker will not be an ideal choice for you. If you need to cook very little quantity of food for toddlers at home, then too, 3L becomes too big. In all such scenarios, a small and innovative personal rice cooker with 0.9L capacity will be the perfect choice. It is also an ideal mate for you if you love to camp and want to have hygienically cooked hot rice.

All these products are very easy to operate, clean and store. They are very versatile too if you use them properly and not just for cooking rice. They come equipped with a unique cook and serve design and are easy to carry with their perfect grip handle.