How you can Prepare a Tasty Khao Tom Grain Soup

Asian breakfasts could be a bit hit or miss.

Grain soup is usually bland, confusing & terrible. Just grain, and water.

Then you definitely get tortured inside your ‘pre-coffee mode’ by getting to select from a startling variety of inappropriate searching ingredients and unfamiliar garnishes to dump in it.

It’s kind of like understanding how to fly an airplane by……..relaxing in the pilot seat and lashing out blindly in the user interface.

It does not need to be like this.

You are able to really allow it to be ‘ready to eat’, and serve it fully garnished.

Japanese Chinese, Thais along with other SE Asian nations their very own preferences and also the tasteless fundamental soup is offered with a lot of options so they won’t offend anybody.

Not by me.

I’ve no difficulties with offending people – I am a chef! Take it on.

Among the finest to help keep MY tribe of punters happy – I do not worry about the complaining masses which are eating elsewhere.

This is about pleasing the tastebuds present – not diluting and generalising to impress everyone.

Lets perform a simple recipe right present which will have you ever smacking your lips.

Easy Khao Tom (thai grain soup) recipe

Water or stock (about 1litre/4 cups)

Steamed grain (3/4 cup)

Minced pork (OK – or chicken, or prawns,) 110g or 1/4 lb

Knorr, maggi, Ros dee, or perhaps your favourite stock powder, (should suit your primary meat, veg or sea food component)


White-colored pepper, ground

Fried minced garlic clove (for garnish)

Fresh coriander, chopped (for garnish)

Place the cold or tepid to warm water inside a saucepan using the cooked (steamed jasmine) grain.

Add some pork mince or chicken mince. (If using sea food, Don’t add before the finish)

Stir well or whisk, to interrupt in the mince into small bits. Not very chunky.

Then add stock powder along with a little salt

Simmer for around half an hour before the grain has began to get soft and starting to split up.

taste it, and season to taste with pepper and salt.

If using prawns or sea food rather of pork or chicken mince, add now. they merely require a copuple of minutes cooking. Should you prepare sea food too lengthy it will get dry and floury.

You are able to mince or chop the prawns, or simply go ahead and take veins and covering off and prepare them whole.

There you have it.

Serve inside a bowl, and top with fried garlic clove and fresh chopped coriander.

Easy, tasty, light and scrumptious

Other awesome items to put on the top or inside:

Salted duck egg.

Fresh egg stirred in last one minute of cooking

Pork crackling

Crunchy fried chicken skin

Fried lemongrass

Fried shallots

Chopped spring onions

Dried roasted chilli or chillin in vinegar

A spoon – to get it in IN YER BELLY!

This can be a fundamental but tasty recipe. I understand, since i just chose to make this one and handle it in the morning.