Mexican Chocolate and Chili Chocolate Recipes

The mixture of cooking with chili and chocolate originated from Mexico using the Aztecs – it’s very popular now worldwide. The Mexicans call their chilli chocolate sauce ‘mole’. In Aztec society cacao was prized so highly that prostitutes were compensated in cacao!

Chilli chocolate is paradise – scrumptious on its’ own, only a small piece having a hot cocoa (try grating it on the top) or possibly having a glass of vino after dinner. Wine connoisseurs usually maintain that wine and chocolate don’t partner one another well chilli chocolate however, defies this rule nicely and easily! Dark wine, just like an intense Californian Zinfandel pairs very well by using it. There are ever attempted this, you are passing up on a unique taste explosion of chocolate having a subtle heat and tongue-tingling sensation that comes with it! The additional bonus is it is a relatively affordable treat and also the effective mixture of dark wine, chili and chocolate may be the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Until a couple of years back all I understood about chili with chocolate recipes was enough to include a couple of squares of excellent quality chocolates to my chilli disadvantage carne, when finishing them back. However, I’ve experimented a great deal in the last year to master my chilli chocolate recipes, using Mexican organic chocolate.

In most chili chocolate recipes I personally use top quality chocolates – that’s chocolates with more than 60% cacao solids – the key component in chocolate may be the cacao bean itself, each one of these getting its’ own distinct character and flavour. Professional chocolate tasters use terminology much like wine tasters – good chocolates ought to be intense, flooding the mouth area using its deep flavours that may vary from robust earthiness to passionate red fruitiness, just like grapes and wine, the beans’ provenance is vital. Much like wine, chocolate can also be ‘single estate’ – i.e. produced from beans grown on the named plantation providing them with a distinctive intensity and wholesomeness of taste – in exactly the same as Grand Cru wines. Thankfully, we have come a lengthy way because the bland cooking chocolate block offered within the cake baking section at our supermarkets.

Chilli chocolate pairs well with sea food and meat abnormally and elevates a humble meat for example pigeon to ‘dinner party status’ once along with chilli chocolate sauce, good quality quality baby vegetables and creamed taters. However, these recipes are not only for entertaining, I frequently make my chilli beef goulash that is carried out with organic Mexican chili chocolate, like a midweek dinner, serving it right out the casserole up for grabs, simply with grain and flat bread – this recipe will get used also with chicken to make a different taste, simply with the meat element altered, so that you can purchase the meat that’s on offer in the best discount at the time in my chili chocolate goulash recipe.