Six of the best gluten-free bread machines

When choosing a bread machine, there are quite some factors to consider. Some of these factors are quite obvious such as the cost of the machine while others are a bit technical, for instance, you might opt to go for a machine with additional features or pre-programmed recipes where you can prepare various kinds of gluten-free bread.

Why gluten-free bread you might ask, well research has shown that this kind of bread is not only healthy, but you feel better after consuming the bread. It is difficult to have a gluten-free diet especially if the bread is part of the menu, luckily for you; there are some gluten-free bread machines for 2017 meant to make work easier for you, the consumer. After all, it is cheaper to make your own bread than buying ready-made bread. The following is a compiled list of six of the best bread machines that make gluten-free bread.

Zorijushi BB-PAC20

This machine makes some of the best horizontal loaves of bread with ease. It operates quietly, meaning you can decide to bake bread at 2 a.m. when everyone is asleep and not worry to wake up anybody. It features a gluten-free setting and comes with a book full of recipes. This machine will turn your home into a gluten-free bakery in no time.

T-fal PF311

If you own a small kitchen, and you are looking for a kitchen appliance that will go with your kitchen, then this is the machine for you. It is small, with stainless steel housing. It is quiet when baking, so not to worry about waking the neighbors when baking. It is a perfect piece of equipment for a small family.

Breville BBM 800XL

This is a special bread making machine because of its ability to make gluten free bread with some nut or fruit in it. It is comfortable with adding a few ingredients and does this at the appropriate time. It boasts many pre-programmed options and one can adjust details and particulars of a recipe with ease. This is the perfect bread maker for the creative baker.

Hamilton Beach Homebaker 29881

This is your typical affordable, pocket-friendly machine. The Hamilton is a machine made to bridge that gap between expensive gluten free bread and the consumer. One additional feature, it comes in either black or white.


Oster bread machine is perfect for the individual with a more sophisticated taste or a sensitive palate. It is known for its ability to handle gluten-free bread quite well, regardless of the recipe coming out a little bit off. It ensures that the bread coming out from it is worth the wait.

Rosewill RHBM-15001

Known for its speed in baking bread, this is one of the most sought-after modern bread makers at the moment. Rosewill comes with a recipe, and it is programmable. In other words, you can input all the recipes that you want in it then sit back and wait for it to come up with a variety of healthy, tasty bread. It is the perfect machine for large families too.

Gluten-free bread may not be your ordinary bread, but it has come to be the preferred kind of bread for quite a number if consumers for one reason or another. The above magnificent bread machines have made access to this unique type of bread possible.