The 3 Best Hawker Centres in Singapore

When we are travelling to a new country, we plan our travel in advance. Among the travel plans the travellers should not forget to miss out on booking hotels for travelling and finding the best food centres to enjoy the premium local delicacy offered by the country.

In Singapore, the famous food court centres are popularly known as Singapore Hawker Centre and these places serve sumptuous food at any given point of the day. If you are a big-time foodie, you will have a hard time picking the best hawker centres since different people will have different opinions on the basis of their taste. Hence, normally it is advisable that you do your own research by visiting the food centres and tasting the authentic dishes prepared by the Singaporean chefs out there.

After researching and going through a lot of hawker centres in Singapore, we have compiled a list of 3 best hawker centres in Singapore, which you must not miss if you happen to visit the place.

  1. Chinatown Complex Food Centre

This is the largest food centre in Singapore that has over 200 plus food stalls. If you really wish to enjoy authentic Singaporean food at a reasonable price, you must visit this amazing hawker centre and try out the local dishes like chilli crab, black pepper crab and BBQ stingray to imbibe the taste of Singapore within you

  1. Maxwell Road Hawker Centre

If you had a long day at shopping and you plan to head out to a nice eatery where you can relax while having food, then this hawker centre will be your preferred choice for the day. The food centre is well known for serving ‘Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice’, which is supposedly the best chicken rice in Singapore.

  1. Old Airport Road Food Centre

The three decades old food centre, which is slightly far from the city, is still frequently visited by the locals and considered as the best Singapore hawker centre till date. The place is not that nicely decorated, but the food quality and affordable price of the food are so supreme that the decoration of the place can be easily overlooked. Special dishes like satay noodles and char kway teow are the favourite dishes as reported by the locals.

If you have less time in hand while you are visiting Singapore, then don’t waste your precious time in thinking where to eat in Singapore.