The Best Casual Dining Restaurants in Noida

Casual dining restaurant is a segment that comes between fine dining and fast food establishments. They are extremely popular as they have a relaxed and casual ambience with a lot of seating capacity. The food here is moderately-priced and thus you can spend a lot of time here with friends or family without worrying about the budget.

When it comes to Delhi and NCR, it is an absolute haven for food lovers. There are all types of restaurants operating in the region offering numerous choices. The region offers so many choices that it is always daunting to figure out which one will be the best for the palate on any particular day.

Let us explore some of the best casual dining restaurants in Noida.

Imperfecto Noida

Imperfecto Noida in sector 38 is a casual dining restaurant, which has a great appeal value in terms of ambience, music, service and most importantly food. They have three levels each having ample seating capacity and their terrace area is terrific especially in the evening when the lights are up and the cool breeze blows. So, if you intend to spend some quality time with a good or special companion in a beautiful serene place, this is the ideal spot.

Desi Vibes

This restaurant in a busy place like Sector 18 is a great experience in itself. The place is done up like some upscale Dhaba. So, you get awesome Dhaba food sitting in the comfort of a casual restaurant. The service is really quick and ambience is nice. The food tastes awesome and the servers wear a welcoming smile all along as they serve food to you. They have a delectable range of pickles offered complimentary with the food. There is absolutely no doubt that it’s a very popular joint in the area.

Kenny Rogers Roasters

This franchise from the chain of chicken-based restaurants is located in Sector 38.  The chain is based on rotisserie chicken concept on the wood fire that helps to cook large pieces of meat evenly in its own juices and also provides easy access for continuous self-basting. The place is a heaven for chicken lovers. Though vegetarian options are also there, they are less as compared to the non-veg options. Good service, nice ambience and finger licking chicken dishes are enough to make the day.

Jungle Jamboree

This restaurant is more famous for its ambience than anything else. It is understandable too as they do have a unique décor and people love to visit it for that, especially kids and families. Their decor and ambience go really well with the themes of Jungle and Aqua. But sometimes, in this whole brouhaha about their ambience, people miss the fact that they also serve yummy food. Some of their dishes are really outstanding and you need to try them to believe it.

Chi Asian Cookhouse

If you want to try Asian cuisines like Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. then this restaurant at DLF Mall is the right place to visit.  It has a lively ambience with good service and courteous staff. The corner space in the mall gives it a casual feel and a fun vibe. When it comes to Pan Asian cuisine, it’s really difficult to prepare soups with apt thickness, get the mix of the right ingredients, get the aromas right, boil the noodles and vegetables to a set standard etc. The chefs here have balanced the authenticity of the flavours very well with the Indian palate.

Eating out is a trend today. Especially during weekends, people love to go out and spend quality time with friends and families enjoying some good food. These places in Noida are worth a try.