Three Things About Visiting A Tap Room!

If you love beer, you need to make frequent visits to tap room to enjoy some of the best craft beer options. Of course, every tap room is different, but the selection usually includes both unique and regular products from near and far breweries. Here are few things to know about visiting tap rooms.

  • Ask for samples! Yes, you read that right. Whenever you visit a beer shop Santa Barbara, you need to ask them if the server has any samples to offer. This allows you explore more options in beers, especially when you are new to tap rooms. Most servers will happily oblige, as long as you don’t ask a sample for every beer on their menu!
  • Check the menu. You may have heard good things about a tap room, especially certain beers, but the menu in tap rooms keeps rotating. For example, if you have tasted one good beer on the Lama Dog menu, you may find other beers on the next visit. What’s written on the board is what you get!

  • Be a regular. Sometimes servers and tap room managers may offer limited time beers to certain loyal customers. For example, some beers are placed in a firkin, which means that there are very limited pints of that particular beer. Try to know the opening timings of tap rooms, so that you can get access to the best options.

Finally, choose a known tap room. While new options are worthy, you need a tap room that can also reach you about different beers and local breweries. Find the top rated tap rooms, which have knowledgeable beer experts to answer your queries. Some tap rooms also have wine taps, which can be fun, as well. Explore the beer enthusiast in you – visit a tap room today!