Three ways to stick to your diet during a business trip

For most of us, a workshop, conference or a business trip equates to eating whatever we want. With the variety on offer, it becomes quite difficult to say no. Self-determination and self-discipline, along with the tips shared with you here, can stay on course whether on vacation, a work engagement or just eating out. Food is closely related to how you feel, therefore be mindful of eating the right foods to keep your energy up and reduce stress.

One indication that you’re going about it the wrong way is if you’re tired during the business trip. Should your afternoons feel like a drag and you need coffee to get through a work session, then you may have eaten the wrong kinds of food during your lunch break. While the whole process is mostly trial and error, given that our bodies are different, these few tips will set you on course to mastering the art travel diet.

Plan ahead

Like having a groceries list before heading to a store, it is equally important to know what foods is a no-go-zone. It lessens the temptations and anxiety of a buffet or eyeing your colleagues’ plates when you order off the menu. Keeping focused on foods that aren’t good for you make the selection process easier.

Though tempting, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re eating the right foods. Have you ever experienced guilt after eating an unhealthy meal? You can skip it by sticking to your guns.

Know what to bring

When on a business trip, knowing where to get the right kinds of snacks can be difficult. You can research the hotel or area that you’re visiting to see where you can get healthy snacks to keep you going between meals. That makes it more challenging to overindulge during meal times. If such an establishment doesn’t exist, carry packaged foods with you. They, of course, have to be of the healthy variety; otherwise, it defeats the purpose.

Depending on your travel arrangements, the easiest way to stick to your routine is to bring your food- breakfast, lunch, supper and everything in between. It also saves you quite a bit of money you’d otherwise spend eating out. If your breakfast, or if you’re lucky, all meals are paid for, don’t be shy! Grab a few snacks and store them in your hotel’s mini fridge. After all, it is paid for.

Do your research

Another way of sticking to your diet during a trip is by using travel sites. They are perfect for discovering places to go including hospitals, men’s barbershop, a spa or tourist attractions. TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Yelp and the likes are handy when looking for eating joints that offer healthy foods. Depending on your lifestyle choice, you can key in your preference and get places within your vicinity to go to. This tip also ties in with the first one; you can use these apps to locate supermarkets.

Final thoughts

Though your will may get tested, making necessary preparations could be the difference between continued routine when you get back and a weight loss diet. Which one would you choose?


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