Top 5 Perfect Desserts for Your Next Event

You want your next corporate event to be as unique as your company. To realize your dream, you need to make sure that every plan is perfect and on time. Food is always a significant part of any corporate event and what you serve your guests can either make or break the uniqueness of your event. One of the best ways of ensuring that you satisfy your guests in the best possible way when it comes to food is by hiring the services of a corporate catering company.

Many people love desserts, and they will always make a significant part of your meal plan. So, are you looking for the perfect dessert for your next corporate event? Whether you are a nonconformist or you simply want to supplement your dessert menu with other yummy treats, these unique and delicious options will always stand out from what many people are used to. Here are the top five perfect desserts for your next event.

Mini Pies on a Stick

Anything that you can eat on a stick is a unique dessert idea that will always leave many people surprised at your creativity. You can go for pies of different flavors such as blueberry, apple, banana cream, or chocolate that will guarantee there is something for everyone at your event. What is even more exciting about this dessert idea is that their fun-size portions will allow your guests to try more than just one flavor.


Do you want to try something that is unique, exciting, and uncommon? Then you should go for doughnuts instead of the regular cupcakes. After all, a lot of people are used to cupcakes, and they will see nothing new even if you serve a customized version of the cupcakes. It is 2018 and people are loving doughnuts. Make sure that you find a corporate catering expert who can make a variety of flavors for your event. Simple online research will also reveal a wide range of unique ways that you can display your doughnuts to surprise your guests.

Filled Fruit

Fruits are always sweet but add something tasty in the middle of the fruit, and you will have a real dessert treat for yourself and your guests. For instance, try placing gelato or ice cream in a chilled lemon or orange rind and experience the difference. Alternatively, fill strawberries with cream and a dash of your favorite nut topping, and you are good to go. The good thing is that you can’t go wrong with filled fruit desserts.

Milk and Cookies

Who doesn’t love the taste of homemade cookies complemented with a glass of milk? You can offer your guests a real and unique nighttime snack experience by ensuring that these treats aren’t served until later in the evening when the guests need something to re-energize them. Talk to your corporate catering experts so that they can come up with different flavors of the cookies such as peanut butter, butterscotch, and chocolate chip.


We can all accept the fact that almost everyone loves candies and they will love trying your favorite types of candy at your event. Add several cans or jars to add a variety to your mesmerizing candy table. Go ahead and fill all the jars with your preferred candies to show off your unique personalities and also provide bags or cups for your guests to also fill with their candy favorites as well.