What to Serve for Large Parties

It is an exciting feeling to host a party for our friends and family, but it can also be stressful to organize and to setup a party that everyone will enjoy. We need to consider the decoration for our event and the food and drinks that will be served. One main concern is always having enough food and drinks to last the duration of the party. In this article we will explore various options to serve during a large party consisting of more than ten people.

The Appetizers

For appetizers we need to think small and delicious. Appetizers should be simple and easy to make as there will need to be a large quantity available for all your guests. Plus, appetizers can be inexpensive and a great snack to keep your guests from becoming hungry before the main course is available. Here we will want to use foods that are savory when served at room temperature. Classic cheese boards go great with wine that is being served. Many people prefer neutral cheeses, but we can also throw in a few strong cheeses, such as blue cheese or French brie. Another excellent dish could be crackers topped with your favorite cold cuts, such as roast beef or cured hams. Add a touch of Dijon mustard with fresh herbs like parsley to make a more robust flavor. Lastly, we need to also consider having a vegan dish that could be mostly vegetables. Consider having sautéed eggplant on bite sized quinoa crackers topped with extra virgin olive oil.

The Main Dish

The main dish is must the center piece of any large party. For this we can use large meats, such as a smoked brisket, which could be served with a side of mashed or baked potatoes and a simple pasta salad. The smoked brisket can even be purchased online and delivered to your home. Eliminated all the time and effort needed for making your own. This is a smart way to cut down on costs and time needed to prepare for your party. Purchasing the smoked brisket allows you to be worry free of over-cooking your own brisket. Plus, this will avoid needing your own smoker.

The Dessert

Once the main dish is finished, most of your guest will most likely be full. So a light dessert is best when serving a large meat like smoked brisket. Traditionally desserts are sweet and typically packed full of calories. To avoid the sugar trap of cakes or pies many people get creative by serving fresh fruit or fruit tarts. Adding a bit of healthiness to the party is always a good idea.

The Drinks

Some people choose to serve only beer and wine for alcoholic drinks at a party, but for more serious drinkers mixed drinks are a wonderful option. Make sure to have plenty of neutral alcohol like vodka or rum to make mixed drinks or cocktails for your guests. Setting up a self-serving bar is a time saving and fun idea, but make sure to have plenty of juices and mixers available.

Throwing a large party can be fun and rewarding, but make sure to plan ahead to avoid any stressful situations.